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What we do

Farm Mechanization

We provide advanced farming systems based on digital agriculture and precision farming that will see you attain higher yields at a much lower cost and with minimal labour involvement. Our services include Crop Production, Irrigation, Fertilization, and Inputs Support, Harvesting, Post-Harvest Management, Agro-Processing, and Sales services. Whatever phase of farming you are at, we will be able to assist you.

Agribusiness Advisory

Agridrive offers tailor-made agribusiness consultancy that will enable you to move your farm to a higher level of profitability. Backed by a team of experts with long-standing experience in Agriculture within Sub-Saharan Africa, we provide various specialized services to boost your productivity. These include Agribusiness Advisory, Royalty Management, Technology Licensing, Farm-to-market linkages, and Financial linkages.

Model Farms

We provide paid for technology demonstration services for Research Institutions, Universities, Private companies (seed companies) and Farmers, both large as well as small scale. Through the model farms, we also offer Agribusiness Incubation and Business Support, Horticulture under greenhouse system, High-value cash crops, and production for export as well as local markets.

Seed Production

Through our research and innovation lab, we develop new breeds of various crops that are adapted to local climatic conditions of different geographical locations. The crops include maize, cassava, cowpea, rice, and beans among many others. We’ve partnered with leading agrichemical companies for seed production and distribution across Africa. With our seeds, farmers will be able to…


Agridrive Limited is bringing a completely new approach and solutions to Africa’s commercial agricultural practices. Apart from being a highly competitive business enterprise, we are motivated by the desire to nurture a novel generation of wealthy farmers and a food secure continent. In this respect, we are providing farm-to-market-to-table agribusiness solutions that will see farmers greatly improve their yields and profits. While we are in pursuit of world-class standards and excellence, our focus is on ensuring that all our clients are satisfied by providing value for money services and just-in-time delivery systems. Our services have been clustered under three thematic areas namely Farm Mechanizations, Agribusiness Consultancy, and Model Farms. We serve both large and small-scale farmers so no matter the size of your farm, our solutions will be tailor-made to fit your operational level.

  • We provide one-stop-shop solutions for farmers of all farming categories
  • We provide customized business solutions to meet varied farm sizes
  • Our solutions are sustainable and in harmony with the local ecosystem
  • We are creating great business opportunities for Agriprenuers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mechanised Crop Production

Ploughing, harrowing, planting, herbicide application, weeding, harvesting, input support.

Model Farms

Commercial crop production, agribusiness incubation, technology demonstration services.

Agribusiness Consultancy

Technology Licensing, Royalty Management, and Agribusiness Advisory.

Post-Harvest Management

Drying & Storage, Grain Management and Warehouse Receipt System.

Sales Support

Equipment, inputs, logistics and transportation services for effortless sales.

Market Linkages

Agroprocessing, value addition and packaging.